Medway Optics has added to its range if UV-IR filters new high efficiency fluorescence filter sets for analysis of Fluorophores in fluorescence microscopy. These filter sets comprise of extreme precision Exciter and Emitter filters using minimum 5-cavities design plus Dichroic Longpass filters to give optimum performance at minimum cost.

The Emission filters are polished to high flatness and parallelism as essential for imaging applications with excellent blocking of the excitation wavelengths. The Excitation filters are deeply blocked on both sides and the Dichroic filters reflect the excitation wavelengths and transmits the emission wavelengths at 45 degrees angle of incidence. Using a novel blocking design, an optical density (OD) of 5 or better is achieved at the Exciter/Emitter crossover resulting in excellent signal-to-noise ratio and enabling high precision analysis of Fluorophores.

The filters cover many standard Fluorophores and are offered as sets or individually. A wide variety of sizes are available for many types of microscopes either with or without Filter Cubes for Nikon, Olympus, Lieca, Zeiss and other analytical microscopes.

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