Medway Optics offers a variety of coating options with it’s products to modify the transmission and reflectance properties of the materials to suit specified applications from the infrared to the deep ultraviolet (193nm). These range from number standard coatings with reflectivity of ≤ 0.2% (for single wavelength/laser line) and dualband wavelengths in the UV-IR; thermal imaging coatings at 3-5um and 8-12um, hard diamond-like coating (DLC), beamsplitter coatings and polarisation coatings. We are able to undertake complex and demanding custom coating on our substrates on customer request.

optical-coatings-2Our high reflectivity mirrors give ≥ 99.8% efficiency depending on substrate and application wavelength and offers partial reflectors to customer specification. These include multi-layer dielectric coatings, single layer and multi-layer metallic coatings.