Medway Optics offers a comprehensive range of sample handling tools making sampling of numerous types of samples (eg polymers, fibres & plastics; biological, organic & inorganic materials; minerals/rocks etc) easy, precise and quick in their FTIR microscopes. The accessories include:

Micro Vice Sample Holder for Microscopes
This accessory with adjustable vice grip allows various shapes and sizes of samples to be held either in compression or in tension for analysis in different microscope makes and models.

Mini Plane Sampling Knife
The patented Mini Plane micro sampling knife enables easy sampling of materials such as polymers, coatings, organic tissues, inorganic objects, fibres and coatings for microscopy analysis. Samples can be scraped or sliced to uniform controlled thickness and depth with minimum damage to specimen.

Diamond Ex-Press Compression Cell for Microscopy
The Diamond EX-Press is an excellent sample preparation tool for FTIR micro analysis. The diamond is a high quality Synthetic Type IIa Sumi-crystal with excellent physical and infrared transmission properties. Samples of solids and film (e.g. mineral stones, polymers and pharmaceutical materials) can be compressed to thin uniform films by using only finger tight pressure for good infrared analysis without prior sample preparation.

This is complemented with high quality Type IIa Synthetic Diamond Windows with no impurities that interfere with sample measurements in the UV, visible or infrared regions.

EZ Pick Micro Manipulator Tool for Microscopy
This unique and patented sample manipulation tool is designed to fix directly onto the objective of most microscopes. Manual handling of micro samples is often too unsteady and tedious while the use of joystick controlled micromanipulators can be complex and expensive. The EZ Pick tool is ideal for any application requiring complex sample manipulation as well as quick and easy handling of simple procedures with high throughput benefit. It is available with a number of sampling options.

EZ Pick II
The EZ Pick II offers the user an additional unique feature to view or monitor the micro sample on an attached monitor during the preparation stage before analysis. The head of the stylus incorporates a specially designed optical focusing lens which focuses on the tip of the sample probe and the operation captured in real time by an ultra-sensitive high performance mini CCD Camera and transferred to a high resolution 7” monitor for optimal visualization.

Micro Touch Pick Pen Tool for Microscopy
This unique Micro Touch Pick Pen enables very small analytical samples to be picked up, manipulated and placed in position for microscopy analysis. The pen has a small retractable tip with special adhesive end and by pressing a side button on the pen the adhesive tip is gently pushed out. The sample can then be picked up, positioned and dropped in desired place by releasing the button for the adhesive tip to retract inside the pen. No detectable adhesive is transferred to the sample.

Fluorescence Filters and Filter Sets

Our filters offer an inexpensive option of obtaining high quality imaging of microscopy samples compared to other very expensive traditional filter sets available on the market. Medway Optics filter sets comprise of narrow band high transmission Excitation and Emission filters with typical crossover blocking OD of >5 plus a steep slope long wave dichroic filter, also with blocking from UV-1150nm of 5-6 OD. An extensive range of filter sets for diverse chemical and biological applications are available.

Hard Coated Filter Set 440EX/455DLP/480EM

Hard Coated Filter Set 440EX/455DLP/480EM

Fluorophores that can be used with this set:
SYTO® 45