Medway Optics Ltd has added to its impressive range of infrared accessories sampling products, a unique innovative but inexpensive Diamond Compression Cell for micro sampling by FTIR and UV/IR-Microscopy techniques.

The diamond is a high quality Type IIa Sumi-Crystal with excellent physical, mechanical and spectral transmission properties. Samples of solids and films such as mineral stones, polymers, fibers, paints and pharmaceutical materials can be compressed effortlessly to uniform thin films for analysis without prior sample preparation. The innovative compression arrangement enables sufficient pressure to be applied by fingers on many hard samples to form films without damage to crystal, deformation or transformation of the samples.

The cell is fitted with a 3″ x 2″ standard FTIR sample holder back-plate, has a 1mm thick diamond with an optional clear aperture of 1.6mm or 2.0mm diameter and requires no beam condenser for efficient operation in infrared spectrometers. With a working distance of only 11mm, it is ideally suited for most UV-VIS and Infrared Microscopes with 15X and 32X objectives.

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